1sr prize award of the 7th International Industrial Design Competition - Dromeas

Project Details


The SpaceWeaver is a versatile and ergonomic partition that easily adapts to space.It's design is inspired by Pythagoras formats like isosceles triangles, hexagons and circles emanating from a point and testify archetypal diagrams.The partition is suspended from the roof ,with shipping type ropes.it consists of a key element, made from recyclable plastic (HDPE / injection molding), which is repeated and combined through plastic pins with manual pressure (click), without tools and in a way that creates an invisible coupling. The spacer as assembled, it creates a weave pattern in space . Therelies the uniqueness of weaving because the first level can be multiplied in length and height, adding pieces, weave each other can accommodate up to two more weaves, maximizing visual density of the system on site, without increasing the width.

  • competition dromeas
  • design Ilias Georgakopoulos IGD
  • Place Athens, GR
  • award 1st prize